Kitchen Garden

We employ time-tested practices that include the addition of compost to deeply dug beds that are broad- forked, resulting in loose, well-drained, and highly nutritious soil. This allows root systems of plants to grow more densely, with fewer weeds and more efficient use of water. By focusing on the soil and rotating crops in each bed, we are able to increase the garden's efficiency and production, for higher yields using fewer resources.

Our seasonal produce includes tomatoes, a wide variety of greens, edible flowers, herbs, melons, berries, and root vegetables. We are growing the heritage cultivars most desired by chefs and home cooks and harvesting them at the peak of perfection.

Chancellors Rock is proud to be the exclusive kitchen garden for Fiola, Fabio Trabocchi’s acclaimed Washington, D.C. restaurant. Using our curated and custom grown fresh produce, along with our beef, pork, and eggs, Fiola will create a dining experience truly defined by place, season, quality, wellness, and community.